Italian Business & SDGs Web Gallery Evaluation Committee of the Experiences

The Evaluation Committee is composed of:

Carlo Giupponi  - Dean VIU and  Member of the GCNI Board of Director

Chantal Hamende – Head of  Sustainability Plans, Projects and Reporting, Terna Spa and  Member of the GCNI Board of Director

Francesca Magliulo – Head of Sustainability and CSR, Edison Spa and  Member of the GCNI Board of Director

Alice Corinaldi - Program & Engagement Manager, GCNI

Criteria for the Evaluation of the Experiences

  1. The objectives of the project described in the experience are based on and are aimed at solving concrete development problems (of beneficiaries, territory, companies/organisations operating in the value chain, etc.)
  2. Relevance to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The experience showcases the company/organisation alignment with the UNGC Ten Principles
  3. Relevance to the Framework defined by 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The experience highlights the contribution of the company/organisation to the implementation of one or more Sustainable Development Goals
  4. Completeness and clarity of information. The overall description is clear and provides a comprehensive overview of the topic analysed, the process, the means and the objectives.
  5. Respect of the reference Template. The experience follows (at least) the macro points defined by the template for drafting the practices.

Although not mandatory, the template is a guideline for drafting the practices aimed at ensuring benchmarking between different experiences and different actors.

Each member of the Committee will evaluate the new experiences presented before posting them on the Web Gallery, assessing the criteria  on the basis of a three-level scale: insufficient (1), good (3), very good (5).  If the Members of the Evaluation Committee agree on the evaluation of the experience with the consequent assignment of equal points to the case, the practice will not require further discussion and will be published on the Gallery. In  case of disagreement, the experience will be discussed between the Members of the Committee.